Welcome to the website of the Kunstarchiv

The Kunstarchiv Beeskow (Art Archive
Beeskow) is conceived as a documentation
of fine arts in the German Democratic
Republic (GDR). It contains around 23,000
objects, mostly paintings, printed graphics,
drawings and watercolours, but also photo-
graphs, sculptures, craft objects and medals.
Until 1989 they were the property of the
parties, social organisations and state
institutions of the GDR. Many works were
commissioned, others were bought or were
gifts. The majority were to be found in public
buildings: convalescent homes, schools,
businesses, hotels and restaurants. After the
end of the GDR and the dissolving of its
political institutions the works went as
˝special assets“ into the administration of
the Treuhand (public trust organisation) and
in 1994, following the 'principle of location'
i.e. where the works were located, they
became the property of the individual federal
states. The majority of the works in the
Kunstarchiv Beeskow are from the federal
states of Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklen-
burg – Vorpommern.

Wolfgang Wegener,
Staudengärtnerei Förster im Winter, 1988, Öl auf Leinwand