All analogue and digital pictures of artworks
from the Kunstarchiv Beeskow may only be
used for private purposes without express
permission. All forms of publication require
permission and are only permitted on
remittance of a picture-royalty. Before you can
use a picture from the Kunstarchiv Beeskow
for publication you must obtain reproduction
permission from Kunstarchiv Beeskow.

The user requirements are to be found under:
Cost and payment conditions (Kosten- und
) and user conditions

All artworks where the artist has not been
dead for more than 70 years are subject to
copyright protection (urheberrechtlichen
Schutz). In these case reproduction
permission can be obtained from the VG
Bild-Kunst Bonn

Paul Michaelis,
Gespräch im Frühjahr 1960, 1961, Öl auf Leinwand