Since 2001 the Kunstarchiv Beeskow has
been managed by the Culture and Sport
Department of the Oder-Spree administrative
district. The administration is controlled by
the federal state of Brandenburg, based
on an agreement between the federal states
of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Brandenburg
and Berlin. The Art Archive depot is located
in a secure, climatised storehouse near
Beeskow Castle. In the organisational agree-
ment ˝Kunstarchiv“, the state of Brandenburg
is required to manage the collection in such
a way that it can be used for:

The creation of a museum collection of art
in the GDR is not the aim of the Art Archive.
However, further art works created in the
GDR, commissioned by public or state
organisations, can, under the terms of the
administrative agreement, be incorporated
into the archive on a loan basis.